The Simple Guide to Verifying Your Business Manager on Facebook

Gabriele Galluzzo, HowTo

When it comes to advertising on the platforms of Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and the Meta Audience Network), getting your Business Manager verified can significantly smooth out your experience, saving you from the headaches of ad rejections, account bans, and other frustrating blocks. The process is surprisingly straightforward, and today, I'm here to walk you through it, ensuring you're set up for success from the get-go.

Why Verify Your Business Manager?

First things first, let's talk about the "Why". In our experience, verification acts as a shield, making your advertising experience much smoother. It's about proving that you are a legitimate business. Meta wants to protect it's intrests, just remeber the many controversies of the past. They want to protect themself from spam or bad actors, that is why a verified business manager is less likely to banned, blocked or limited.

How to Get Verified

Getting that coveted verification involves a few key steps and documents. Meta requires proof that your business is legitimate.

Typically, this means submitting three critical documents:

  1. Your company's certification of incorporation
  2. A recent bank statement
  3. A phone bill

These documents are usually more than enough, it also depends on the information on the Certification of Incorporation, check out the approved documents and languages here

Something that is often overlooked that can increase your legitimacy is the design of your website's footer.

A good footer should include comprehensive business information — think company name, privacy policies, terms of service, and even the same address you're using for your business manager. Many times it makes the difference between getting verified or having to start the process again.

Step-by-Step Verification

  1. Get your documents ready, go to your business settings and fill in your business info.
  2. Make sure all information are accurate and up-to-date.
  3. Navigate to the security center and click on the blue button to start the verification process. If you don't have the button, here is the guide
  4. Confirm your business details, ensuring they match the documents you're about to upload.

Verification isn't just about uploading documents; it's about ensuring everything is consistent — from the business name and address to the email domain used for verification. Once you submit everything, including a document that verifies your business address (if your certificate of incorporation doesn't include it), you're basically done.

After submission, the waiting game begins. Usually, within two or three business days, Facebook will inform you if your verification is successful or if additional documents are needed. They're quite clear with their requirements, so if they ask for something extra like a phone bill, be ready to provide it.

Closing Thoughts

Verifying your Business Manager on Facebook might seem like a small step, but it's a significant move towards a hassle-free advertising experience. I hope this guide helps you navigate the process with ease. Until next time, happy advertising!

For a more visual and detailed guide, watch the full video tutorial on this process:

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