How To Fix "Ineligible for Verification" inside the Meta Business Manager

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For marketers and business owners utilizing Meta (formerly Facebook) for advertising, verifying your business manager is a strategic move.

A common, yet unofficial, observation among experienced users is that verification significantly reduces the frequency of account and campaign blockages, often attributed to random policy violations.

This guide offers a practical workaround to a common problem: the missing verification button in the Business Manager.

The Problem: Missing Verification Button

When you attempt to verify your business manager following standard guides, you might find that the verification button is absent in the Security Center. Often you'll simply see no button like in the image below:

Security Center Screenshot - Verification Button Missing

The Solution: Creating an App in Business Manager

The key to making the verification button appear lies in creating an app within the Business Manager. This might seem counterintuitive, as publishing a Meta app typically requires a verified business manager.

However, this very requirement triggers the system to display the verification button.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Navigate to Apps: Go to "Accounts" and then select "Apps" in your Business Manager.
  2. Create a New App ID: Click on "Add" and choose "Create a New App ID." If you don’t already have a Meta Developer Account, you'll be prompted to create one – a straightforward process.
  3. App Creation: Develop an app with a generic name like "Test App". This app is not for publication or active use but serves as a means to an end.
  4. Check the Security Center: After creating the app, return to the Security Center. You should now see the "Start Verification" button, which was previously missing.
Security Center After Screenshot - Verification Button Appears

Why is Business Manager Verification Important?

Verification of your Business Manager on Meta platforms is a critical move for operational stability and trust. While it might not unlock additional features, verification plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity of your campaigns and accounts.

Advertisers have found that a verified Business Manager is less likely to face sudden campaign blocks or account bans, which are often the result of stringent and sometimes unpredictable policy enforcement by Meta.

Verification does not make you immune to policy violations (you still have to follow the terms of service) but offers a layer of protection against random errors and bans.

Additional Tips and Resources

Full Video Tutorial

For a more visual and detailed guide, watch the full video tutorial on this process:

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